Ponta Malongane, "Place of the Children", is situated on the Southern Mozambique Coast. It has a beautiful tropical coastline and is known for its scuba diving. This quaint little town is just 10km from the Kosy Bay border or 115km from the capital city Maputo.

The unspoiled beauty of the blue sea, golden beaches and lush coastal vegetation, set the scene for memorable “fun in the sun” holidays.

Ponta Malongane is s fast becoming the ideal destination for the enthusiastic deep-sea angler and boating enthusiasts. The southern Mozambique coastline is teaming with game fish and waiting for you to explore it.

Southern Mozambique is known for its abundant bird life especially the fish eagles. Turtles can be seen nesting from November to March on the beaches of Ponto Malongane the loggerhead and leather-back turtles frequent the beaches here in Malongane.

Activities in Ponta Malongane includes scuba diving, deep sea fishing, snorkeling, fishing charters, swimming with dolphins and nature walks. Turtle night drives are conducted under the auspices of the Turtle project.

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