Basic Provisions can be purchased in Ponta Malongane at a Tuckshop called Carlo’s Shop (opposite “Come to See” Restaurant). This includes long life milk, bottled water, vegetables, cooldrinks + alcohol, wood, charcoal and Ice.

The Mozambique bread rolls (called Poa’s) can be purchased at The Bakery in Malongane Campsites or at selected tuckshops in Malongane Village.

The Market in Ponta do Ouro has all the same goods but more vendors (not necessarily more variety). Else Luka’s butchery in Ponta do Ouro opposite BCI/Bank has fantastic meats and general foodstuffs, including some luxuries and milk. Selected fresh prawns, crabs, clams and crayfish can be purchases from individual vendors in the streets at this center.

It is recommended that you bring most of your food with you. There are no restrictions on bring meat and vegetables into Mozambique through the Kosibay Border.

There are restrictions on alcohol, either hide your stash or restrict quanties. (100% duties on alcohol)

On exit back to South Africa. The South African Environmental Authorities will prohibit fresh fruit and vegetables entering South Africa.

Please also restrict fish quantities imported back into South Africa (Usually 2kg per person) of pelagic/game species.But You supposed to have a licence , purchased in Pretoria, to bring this fish through the border, No, bottom Reef fish or endangered species allowed.

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