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Ponta Malongane

About the Area

Place of the Children

Ponta Malongane, “Place of the Children” is situated on the Southern Mozambique Coast. It has a beautiful tropical coastline and is known for its scuba diving. This quaint little town is just 15 km from the Kosi Bay border or 115 km south from the capital city Maputo.

Ponta Malongane is only a very short drive from Ponta do Ouro. The un-spoilt beauty of the blue sea, golden beaches and lush coastal vegetation, set the scene for memorable fun in the sun holidays. Ponta Malongane is fast becoming the ideal destination for the enthusiastic deep-sea angler and boating enthusiasts.

The southern Mozambique coastline is teaming with game fish and waiting for you to explore it.


Fresh seafood, caught that morning in Maputo Bay, is available from informal traders opposite the BCI Bank in Ponta do Oura with game fish and a wonderful selection of various good quality red meats and chicken available behind the traders, in the centre arcade at Luka’s Butchery.



For the more adventurous, Wakene is centrally situated to explore the unspoilt rock pools of Fredrico’s Bay 2km North of Wakene. Snorkelling is a must with a variety of marine life and amazing corals between one and two meters deep.

There are 24 reefs off Malongane and boat-based snorkelling and scuba diving offer a spectacular variety of marine life from Manta and Whale Sharks to rare corals and nudibranchs.


Marine Life

The ocean also offers a magnificent annual migration of the Humpback Whales going North from June and returning by the end of October with their calves on the long trip back to their feeding grounds off the Antarctic Coast.

In addition, the resident dolphins, which are here all year round, add to the visual entertainment with their antics in the waves behind the backline.

There are numerous well-run charters who offer informative boat-based excursions and the opportunity to swim and interact with these magnificent and intelligent creatures.


Elephant Reserve

The Maputo Elephant Reserve is 26km north of Wakene, now restricted by two electric strands, the elephants were regular visitors to Malongane village.

This 50 000 hectare reserve has approximately 200 elephants. Once the Futi Corridor is fenced, linking Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa to The Maputo Reserve, the elephants will be able to follow their traditional migration route along The Rio Futi which was cut off during the civil war in the 1980s.

A day trip with a guide is well worth the visit through the reserve with its myriad of freshwater lakes, floodplains, woodlands and forested dunes sweeping down to unspoilt beaches.



Once a year, between November to January the leatherback and Loggerhead turtles make their appearance on the Wakene Beach to lay their eggs above the high tide watermark at night.

59 days later these eggs hatch. Up till early March, you may find hundreds of tiny turtles (each the size of a matchbox) making their way down to the beach all the while dodging crabs only to be confronted by Giant Ignobilis kingfish that have arrived at the end of December to March to feast on these little swimmers.



There are fishing boat charters that offer the opportunity to target pelagic game fish species such as Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna and Couta or for the more adventurous, the billfish including sailfish, black and blue marlin.

There are numerous other adventure activities which are available for an hourly or daily fee.

These include surfing, kite surfing, quad biking, Paragliding, spearfishing and microlight flights.